The Dowling Poole

For fans of:Beatles, XTC, 10CC, ELO, Jellyfish

The Dowling Poole is a new band formed by singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Willie Dowling (ex Honeycrack/Jackdaw4) and Jon Poole (ex Cardiacs).

Both Dowling and Poole have earned solid reputations as writers, session musicians and producers, writing songs, recording and touring with a number of different groups and artists.

You may perhaps think that you’ve not heard music from either of the two, but you undoubtedly will have. In 1998 following the dissolution of his UK and Japan chart-topping band Honeycrack, Willie Dowling moved into writing music for film and television, working with some of the biggest names in British comedy and drama, including Steve Coogan, Armstrong & Miller, Rob Brydon, Julia Davies, Derek Jacobi, Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer amongst, many, many others.

Dowling and Poole first met in 2011 when recording and producing Ginger Wildheart’s award winning, top-ten "555%" album, and it was mutual admiration at first sight. "I was immediately taken by Jon's remarkable and diverse musical talent", says Dowling, "but it took me an age to pluck up the courage to phone him and ask whether he'd like to do something together." Fortunately, Poole had been thinking along the same lines and was equally thrilled at the prospect of working with Dowling. The couple started writing songs and locked themselves away in Dowling's recording studio in France for a few months, writing and recording an album they have titled ‘Bleak Strategies’. "It was a very collaborative process", says Poole, "We both brought songs to the table and we performed, sang and produced them together. You'd be hard pressed to guess who wrote what since we both were adding ideas left right and centre to each others work".

Influenced by pop masters such as XTC, Blur, 10CC, The Kinks, The Beatles and more, The Dowling Poole debut album ‘Bleak Strategies’ is an eclectic and contemporary sounding mix of semi-psychedelic pop, somehow quintessentially British-sounding, laced with harmonies and a multitude of influences from the best of 50 years of rock and popular music.