The Raygun girls

For fans of:Prong, Lacuna Coil, Killing Joke, Fields of the Nephilim

Listen to The Raygun Girls and you will hear the roar of the Apocalypse, the thunder of revolution, and the outcry of dissent.

The sound of The Raygun Girls has been described as “an Industrial Motorhead” and has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Prong and Killing Joke.

In 2003, Geoff and Jamie started a side project that was heavily influenced by Heavy Industrial Metal bands like Fear Factory, Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails. The band was meant to be only a studio project, but after the release of Mars Eclipsing in 2004 was met with great acclaim, a live band was formed. Since then, members have come and gone, each adding something new to the sound of The Raygun Girls. 6 full length albums have been released, an East Coast tour was played, and a record deal was signed (albeit for a short time).

In 2009, Geoff had his third heart surgery and brought the band to a halt. “I stopped hearing the music for a while,” says Geoff about the creative drought he experienced from 2009 until 2011. The live band was dissolved, but Geoff couldn’t stop making music. In 2011, Geoff became a one man Hard Rock/Metal band and released The Taker. Because of Geoff’s recent heart surgery, the music was heavier, slower and much dirtier. “I wanted to play fast, but my arm just couldn’t do it yet.” That was only the beginning of new era for The Raygun Girls.

2013 saw the release of the Self-titled Hard Rock concept album, The Raygun Girls. It was an ode to the Apocalypse, and it rocked hard. “The political climate at the time was very charged. You had Occupy Wall Street happening, you had the overt legislation of women’s rights and bodies, and you had the overt racism towards hispanics on the rise.”

Throughout 2014 and 2016, The Raygun Girls has released about one single a month with the help of lyricists, vocalists and musicians from around the world - from Sweden to Texas, from Germany to California; many of which were collected in the album Ghost 15, released in January of 2016.

But, never slowing down, Geoff is ready to release another Raygun Girls album in August 2016, Rising Dawn - 12 crushingly heavy Alternative Metal songs with a dash of Goth melodies and a pinch of Industrial synths, and always with memorable choruses that you can sing along to.