For fans of:Nick Cave, Glen Hansard, Editors, The National, White Lies

Sometimes art and life take us on different paths than we expect. One door closes, another opens. Sometimes that happens fast, sometimes it takes years. Sometimes you’ve gotta disappear and try to figure yourself out. Sometimes what a community expects of us is quite different from what we expect of ourselves. And sometimes you just need to take a break and do something else for a while.

Touching began as a name for Michael Falk to write songs under. Touching played a few shows. Michael realized he didn’t want to play shows at that time. So, he hunkered down and started writing. 

When the Coronavirus showed up on North American doorsteps, Michael realized people were also now dealing with the same things his songs were: isolated, disconnected, struggling with mental health, and watching the politics of privilege play out on the internet’s news streams.

If there was ever a time to introduce the world to an artist named Touching, it is now.