For fans of:2 Unlimited, Robert Miles, Vanilla Ice, Faithless, The Prodigy
UWJ HISTORY UWJ (Useless Without Jesus), is a Christian Electronic Music group originally formed in the eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa in the early part of the 1990's by Andrew Wilmot, then better known by his stage name MCA². Formation In the early 1990's Andrew Wilmot had recently made a life changing decision for the betterment of the people in his community, Serving as a youth leader in a local ministry, visiting schools with a team of passionate young people and spreading the Gospel through various choreographed dance routines, inspired by the likes of Vanilla Ice and similar trends of the time. With meticulous care being given to the music selected to be performed on. A defining moment in the formation of the group came about when the group got on stage as they always do, only to realize that the sound engineer had selected the wrong disc by accident. As providence would have it, the track mistakenly played was “Pump up The Jam” by then super group “Technotronic”, a massive chart topping track of the time, which resulted in a bigger crowd reaction than Andrew Wilmot and his team had experienced before. It was at this point that the need for an Electronic Music group with the message of the Gospel became apparent to Andrew Wilmot, he then took what skill he had musically and decided that he would make the change he wished to see in his world. Past Members Kay, Will, Buzz, Nathan, Cjay, Vanessa, Ricky, Kitron. Discography as UWJ and Rev Thump UWJ Maximum Rebirth (Andrew Aka MCA², Vanessa) Real Power (Andrew Aka MCA², Kay, Will, Buzz) Brainwashed (Andrew Aka MCA², Kay, Will, Buzz, Nathan) Christmas Party (Andrew Aka MCA², Kay, Will, Buzz, Nathan) The New Breed (Andrew Aka Rev Thump) Everything's gonna be alright ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump, CJAY, Ricky, Kitron ) Rev Thump (Andrew Wilmot Solo Project) House Praise - Vol.1 ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump, Petri, Matthew ) Dream Maker ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump ) Godly Thunder Volume 1 ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump, DJ Fr3kst9ler ) Rev Thump Pumps ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump, DJ Love, DJ Fr3kst9ler ) So Far ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump, DJ Fr3kst9ler, Cjay, Ricky, Kitron ) Godly Thunder Volume 2 ( DJ Fr3kst9ler, Heaven's Avenue ) Sonshine ( Andrew Aka Rev Thump )