“Move to Canada” Web Searches Hit All-Time High After Super Tuesday Results

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It’s not uncommon to see “move to a place that is anywhere but here” searches spike around election time. It’s a political season where voters feel their most polarized, and in some ways—despite an actual increase in political say-so and control—at the whim of their fellow Americans.

However, after the release of this year’s Super Tuesday primary results, where Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump took home the most wins in the all-important primary cluster for Democrats and Republicans respectively, one particular search hit a historical high. Google Data Editor Simon Rogers shared via Twitter on Tuesday that over a four hour period searches for “move to Canada” had spiked 350 percent.

So what’s particularly ideal about Canada? Nothing really, says The New York Daily News, a tabloid that’s been quite vocal about its disdain for Republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump.

“Canada’s people are as friendly as the stereotypes make them out to be, there are plenty of options for education and childcare, and there’s that famous universal health care,” The New York Daily News wrote on Wednesday, in its complete guide to fleeing President Donald Trump’s America.

So what are some other options you might like to consider if you aren’t really feeling that maple leaf love, but still want to flee a potential end of days that apparently won’t cross any water or land-based borders?

Singapore, Ecuador, and Austria would be ideal destinations when you consider their quality of life, friendliness, and their top tier health, safety, and well-being rankings, according to the daily publication.

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