Donald Trump Is Taking the Democrats’ Bait and Bringing Up His Own History of Sexual Harassment

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Donald Trump Is Taking the Democrats’ Bait and Bringing Up His Own History of Sexual Harassment

As men like Al Franken and John Conyers have stepped down from their Democratic perches, it has left a bad taste in many liberals’ mouths. Why do our guys have to step down while Donald “grab her by the pussy” Trump is in the Oval Office, and Roy “she was only 14” Moore is a favorite to win tonight’s Senate race in Alabama? If Democrats step down and don’t fight back against Republican hypocrisy, then it allows Trump and his ilk to remain in the bubble that insulates them from reality.

Well, the Democrats have decided to pop that bubble, and are (correctly) using this moment to equate their actions with that of the Republican Party.

A smart man would let the Democrats run with this narrative, because when you admit that you bragged about committing sexual harassment and have 16 accusers who confirmed your words, the fight is essentially unwinnable. But Donald Trump is not a smart man, and alas, we woke up to this temper tantrum today.

So let’s break this tweet down:

He calls Senator Gillibrand a flunky for Chuck Schumer, which is the description of someone who does menial tasks like booking lunches or carrying bags for someone. Definitely no sexist undertones there.

He continued his mystifying practice of seemingly putting random words in quotes. Is “begging” metaphorical?

Gillibrand is in the ring fighting against Trump because this manbaby believes that every battle should be fought on his own terms.

His logic in this tweet literally says that fighting against Trump over sexual harassment is betraying Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is practically an admission of guilt.

The President of the United States is a deeply broken human being. He has no intellectual pursuits, and doesn’t even possess the ability to think in a complex manner. He is an admitted sexual predator who claims all his victims are liars. If this were a normal man stuck in a middle management position, we’d probably feel sorry for him because he simply cannot get out of his own way. Instead, he was born with a silver spoon lodged in his mouth, and wields more power than any human in history—which he reuses to rewrite his own past. So he deserves every bad thing coming his way, and then some.

The problem is that Trump’s penchant for always punching back is not very effective given that he filmed a video apologizing for the acts he is now claiming never happened. Trump’s emotions have the stability of an active volcano with a metric ton of TNT perpetually detonating inside of it, and given that he has jumped to defend Roy Moore as something of a vessel for defending himself, it sure seems like we will soon be relitigating the Access Hollywood tape and all the ugliness that came with it. If Trump had just a modicum of intelligence, he’d keep his mouth shut on this topic and let the litany of newly revealed sexual abusers take the hits in Congress. But he’s not, so get used to reliving one of the lowest moments in American electoral history.

Jacob Weindling is a staff writer for Paste politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.

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