Even by Trump Standards, These Unhinged Rants on Fox & Friends Were Exceptionally Crazy

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Even by Trump Standards, These Unhinged Rants on Fox & Friends Were Exceptionally Crazy

Nobody reins in Donald Trump when it’s interview time, and we’ve become used to—even exhausted by—the tirades, diatribes, harangues, philippics, rodomontades, whatever. Which makes it even more exceptional that our bug-eyed prez managed to surprise us this morning with a rant that was rambling and bitter that even the hosts on his favorite show, Fox & Friends, couldn’t rein him in.

I could go segment by segment pointing out the oddities here (and luckily, Aaron Rupar compiled them all for us on Twitter), but let’s start with him actually screaming about the FBI:

Then he uses the topic of Kanye West to talk about black people, about which the less said the better:

But the real gem of the interview comes in the next few clips, when the hosts try to get him to talk about specific issues, and he can’t stop ranting about fake news, and his inaugural crowds, and all the votes he got. The great comedy here comes from the timid interjections the hosts attempt, which Trump completely ignores:

Then, after a lot of “it’s going very well!” type nonsense about North Korea, he can’t resist hitting the media yet again, this time with an out-of-nowhere attack on Chuck Todd:

As Trump hits his fake news peroration, the hosts try their best to interrupt, but are mere bulldozer fodder. Then Trump pulls off one of his great contradictions—describing news shows to exacting detail, and then claiming he doesn’t watch them. “I don’t watch NBC anymore,” he says, moments after railing against Chuck Todd:

And the whole thing concludes, amazingly, with more yelling and a threat to obstruct the Justice Department:

The really funny thing is, in highlighting these clips, is that I’m leaving so much on the table—the fact that he didn’t buy his wife anything more than a card for her birthday, the “grade” he gives himself in office, his ability to pull together the biggest rally ever in D.C. if the urge struck, his extreme distaste for James Comey, a few threats for Iran, and a defense of his corrupt VA pick (who has since removed himself from consideration) that included the line “his son is a wonderful boy.”

This man…

is our president. God help us.

Update: Turns out, Trump managed to shoot himself in the foot with this appearance:

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