The Midwest Is Officially No Longer Trump Country, Per New Poll

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The Midwest Is Officially No Longer Trump Country, Per New Poll

In a poll conducted by NPR and Marist, the Midwest has moved to favor the Democrats, with a difference of 13 points between the two parties. The poll finds that 50 percent of voters would cast their ballot for a Democrat, while only 38 percent would vote for a GOP candidate in their district. Republicans have Trump to thank for that; his approval rating is at a meager 39 percent amongst participants.

We’re covered the idiocracy of Trump’s trade war tactics in the past. As time goes on, real people are beginning to feel its repercussions and that’s translating to a lack of faith in the White House, as well as the ruling party. His promises of clean coal created the foundation of his silent majority. Farmers and factory workers, on whom Trump built his constituency, are the ones fighting tariffs.

Women who participated in the poll are carrying the brunt of Democratic support, with 62 percent disapproving of the job Trump is doing and only 28 percent approval. Men are split down the middle. Although neither Democrats or Republicans can bet on total support, the Midwest certainly isn’t the Trump bastion it was in 2016. His stronghold is faltering and Democrats have a real shot to take back the House.

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