WATCH: President Trump Is Determined to Make People Believe He’s An “Extremely Stable Genius”

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WATCH: President Trump Is Determined to Make People Believe He’s An “Extremely Stable Genius”

Lately it seems like President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been in a never-ending boxing match against each other, and during a press conference Thursday the president decided to throw the next punch.

According to ABC News, while discussing the administration’s renegotiated trade deal with Canada and Mexico, the president suggested Pelosi doesn’t understand it.

“She’s a mess. Look let’s face it, she doesn’t understand it. They sort of feel she’s disintegrating before their eyes, she doesn’t understand it,” Trump said. “I don’t think she’s capable of understanding — got a lot of problems.”

Other than his jabs at the Speaker of the House, Trump decided it was time to feed his ego. Calling on his aides to defend his slandered calm demeanor, Trump dubbed himself an “extremely stable genius.” You can watch the entire cringe-worthy 7 minute video here.

This dying need for affirmation and validation comes after Wednesday’s White House meeting with Democrats. Within minutes of entering the meeting, Trump left without shaking anyone’s hands, and a negative narrative about Trump’s behavior ensued.

During the effort to reprimand Wednesday’s narrative against his behavior (Because Trump is always on his best behavior, right?), the president picked on his aides like a school teacher picking on his students—and heaven forbid the students not answer their teacher correctly.

Trump first addressed White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, and she corroborated the president and claimed the narrative was a lie. The same situation happened with Mercedes Schlapp, White House Director of Strategic Communications, and Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders made an appearance, Trump also questioned her.

“The narrative was I was screaming and ranting and raving and it was terrible. I watched Nancy yesterday. She was crazy with the hands and everything. She reminded me of Beto,” Trump said to Sanders. “What was my tone yesterday?”

And, if you haven’t already guessed it, Sanders confirmed everything Trump said. “Very calm. I’ve seen both. And this was definitely not angry or ranting,” she said.

So, whether or not Trump was his normal, gleamingly orange self, or he was indeed the good behaviored boy he’s so determined to make everyone believe he is, one thing is certain: the boxing match between Pelosi and Trump isn’t going to be over any time soon.

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