Elizabeth Warren Calls for Congress to Impeach Trump

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Elizabeth Warren Calls for Congress to Impeach Trump

There have been plenty of calls for impeachment during Donald Trump’s presidency, and this week, one of them is coming from someone seeking to take the position after him: Elizabeth Warren.

Warren took to Twitter to call Congress “complicit” in Trump’s abuse of power:

The Massachusetts senator didn’t mince words in her urgent statements:

Warren’s comments come after a whistleblower reported Trump, accusing him of secretly communicating with a foreign leader. Since the report was filed, the once-hazy accusations against Trump have become more concrete: It’s apparent Trump spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President (and current 2020 Democratic candidate) Joe Biden’s opposition to a Ukrainian prosecutor in 2016 (per Salon). Of course, Biden is also Warren’s opponent, but regardless of this, Trump is said to have committed what could be defined as treason and Warren is treating it as such.

Despite the evidence, Congress has yet to solidify a plan of attack. Democrats—many of whom have stepped up to criticize Nancy Pelosi’s inaction on impeachment—currently have the majority of the House and could use this upper hand to begin motions of impeachment, which would lead to a trial by the Republican-controlled Senate. It’s unclear if such a trial would lead to an impeachment, but until proceedings are started, we’ll never know. Meanwhile, as Warren said, Trump “continues to commit crimes,” as the checks and balances of our government seem to be out of order.

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