Ken Bone’s Reddit AMA Casts a Pall Over His Post-Debate Fame

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Ken Bone’s star burned bright and short. Briefly, it seemed as though Bone, who was one of the undecided voters who was given the chance to ask both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a question at the second presidential debate, would actually be the only good thing to come out of this entire disheartening election season, let alone the debate itself. Now, it seems, even the Bone man is not as excellent as he once seemed.

Bone started out as a rational-seeming man who captured the nation’s heart, becoming wildly popular following the debate and racking up 238,000 new Twitter followers in the days afterwards. Bone even did a Reddit AMA, inviting all of his fans into what he called “The Bone Zone,” which somehow came off more endearing than creepy. Unfortunately, this is where things started to go south for the sweater-wearing everyman.

For the AMA, Bone chose to use his old, pre-fame Reddit account with the username “StanGibson18.” This gave the internet an opening into Bone’s previous Reddit activities, and what was uncovered isn’t good. While being a Dragonball Z fan may be harmless, Reddit users also uncovered Bone’s history on the “preggoporn” Reddit, as well as his comments about Trayvon Martin’s shooting, which he described as “justified.” (To Bone’s credit, he also called George Zimmerman “a big ole shit bird.”) Bone even admitted to forging insurance documents so he wouldn’t get fired from a pizza delivery job.

Internet fame is a cruel mistress. Farewell, Ken Bone—we hardly knew ye.

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