NBC Runs Trump’s Racist Ad, Immediately Realizes It Made a Terrible Mistake

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NBC Runs Trump’s Racist Ad, Immediately Realizes It Made a Terrible Mistake

On Sunday evening, NBC ran one of Trump’s notoriously racist ads. Apparently, it didn’t realize how bad it was. Just a few hours after airing during Sunday Night Football, NBC made a statement saying it never should have agreed to run the ad, per Deadline.

“After further review we recognize the insensitive nature of the ad and have decided to cease airing it across our properties as soon as possible.”

You can watch the ad here:

Apparently, no one decided to screen the clip beforehand. It contains similar footage to the video Trump tweeted out just last week on Halloween that made headlines because of its xenophobic messaging. The ad falsely connects a 2014 murder case with the migrant caravan that Trump has made the centerpoint of his midterm campaign, in spite of the alarming number of recent hate crimes. Footage shows Luis Bracamontes during his trial, where he was convicted of killing two police officers. The ad suggests that Democrats are responsible for those 2014 killings, then, over images of the migrant caravan, asks “Who else would Democrats let in?”

Trump’s ad accuses every migrant of being a killer. Per CNN, that Sunday Night Football ad caught the eyes of about 10 million viewers. That’s the propaganda NBC aired before realizing that it might not be kosher. CNN, on the other hand, refused to show it at all, making a statement that it was “racist.”

Even Fox News, despite having run the ad multiple times, has decided to pull it from their network.

Facebook has since followed suit, and will no longer show the ad.

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