A Man Was Just Stabbed to Death Over a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

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A Man Was Just Stabbed to Death Over a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Police are currently involved in a manhunt in the area around Washington D.C. for a man who stabbed another to death in the parking lot of a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, late Monday night. The cause of the deadly dispute? Reportedly, it was the result of cutting in line for the fast food chain’s incredibly popular chicken sandwich.

No, really. According to police, victim Kevin Tyrell Davis, 28, had cut in the line specifically designated for sale of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, angering an unidentified man in the process. In a dispute that lasted only seconds, the argument spilled out into the street, where Davis was fatally stabbed. And before you start saying “Okay, well it probably wasn’t related to a chicken sandwich,” there are some rather incredible police quotes that directly state otherwise.

“We have been able to determine that, preliminarily, this is related to the release of the sandwich,” said Prince George’s County Police Department spokesperson Jennifer Donelan to The New York Times. “For you to get that angry over anything, for that type of anger to develop into this type of violence, again is a very sad and tragic day. And that person needs to turn themselves in.”

Police were rather baffled by how the argument managed to escalate to lethal violence so quickly, with Chief Hank Stawinski of the PGCPD calling the crime “pointless” and “horrible” in a Tuesday press conference, while also confirming that there doesn’t seem to be any preexisting connection between the two men. Meanwhile, the manhunt continues for the man who committed the stabbing, as well as the woman he was with. The pair fled the scene together, although they do appear in the following photo released by police via Twitter.

Popeyes, unsurprisingly, has tried to downplay any connection to their ridiculously popular chicken sandwich in the killing, making the following statement:

“We are very sad to hear about the tragedy in Maryland tonight. We do not yet know whether this was the result of a dispute over one of our products or something unrelated, but there is no reason for someone to lose their life on a Monday night in a parking lot. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends and we are fully cooperating with local authorities.”

The crime certainly adds a darker dimension to the nationwide hype for the Popeyes chicken sandwich, which just returned to availability on Sunday, Nov. 3 after the initial craze for them forced a hiatus in production.

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