The Mueller Testimony Will Be Useless, So Watch Some Republicans Yell At Him

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The Mueller Testimony Will Be Useless, So Watch Some Republicans Yell At Him

Robert Mueller is testifying before Congress today, and very much doing the “I would refer you to my report” act at every juncture (his other big go-to line is “it’s outside my purview”), which means we’re not going to leave today knowing anything we don’t already know. Which further means that all the sound and fury will once again signify nothing. At this point, it’s become clear that Russia definitely interfered with the election, we’ll never know definitively if Trump colluded with Russia, and he probably obstructed justice but nobody will do anything about it because the Republicans don’t actually care and the important Democrats are cowards and Mueller says he can’t. I’m not even being glib—that’s all you need to know about the years and years of this drama. And none of it is going to change today. Watch Mueller tell you himself:

So if you’re after useless bits of Pelosi-doing-the-sarcastic-clap style theater from Democrats like this:

You may find value in this testimony. Otherwise, you will not. And in the absence of anything substantive breaking from this testimony—which, again, it won’t—we might as well just marvel at the giant set of…guts…among Republicans, who are using this opportunity to double down and yell at Mueller for having the audacity to question Dear Leader.

First, here’s Doug Collins (R-GA) yelling at Mueller about Trump’s innocence in an opening statement:

More Collins yelling:

Here’s John Ratclifee (R-TX) giving Mueller absolutely no time to answer as he yells at him for leaving open the idea that Trump have been guilty of collusion and/or obstruction, and not loudly proclaiming his innocence:

Here’s James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) yelling at him about not saying whether Trump’s conduct was “impeachable,” which is something that, you guessed it, only Congress can determine, since special counsels can’t impeach anyone:

This is some good yelling by Louie Gohmert (R-TX), who accuses Mueller and his team of hating Trump:

(Gohmert further distinguished himself by referencing, and submitting for the record, an anti-Mueller tract he himself wrote for Sean Hannity’s website.)

Here’s Jim Jordan (R-OH) yelling about why Joseph Mifsud didn’t get arrested, with Mueller repeatedly saying “I can’t get into it.”

There will be more to come, surely, but you get the point. We are merely spinning our wheels in the Mueller ruts at this point, and if you expect anything more, you will be disappointed.

(Thanks to Vox’s Aaron Rupar for gifting us these easily digestible Twitter videos.)

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