BREAKING: We Have Found the Funniest Republican Tweet Ever

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BREAKING: We Have Found the Funniest Republican Tweet Ever

We won’t keep you long—we know you’re here for the good stuff. The very quick backstory, which you probably already know, is that Judge Roy Moore has been accused of sexually abusing underage teenage girls, and Republicans from Mitch McConnell to John McCain have called on him to end his candidacy for Jeff Sessions’ vacant Alabama Senate seat. Yesterday, Moore’s lawyer held a special press conference, but instead of dropping out, he doubled down, trying to cast doubt on the accusers. Then, just before 9pm, Moore tweeted this:

That’s not the funniest tweet, by the way. We hope you know us better than that. The funniest tweet came from Chris Hansen. Hansen is the executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is dedicated to keeping Republicans in power (they currently hold 52 of 100 seats). That means he is the dude who really doesn’t want to see Moore blow a race to Doug Jones and cut their lead to 51-49. Here’s how he responded to Moore’s tweet:


The burn.

It burns.

There was a funny follow-up exchange, too:

Chris Hansen? From a left-wing Internet writer who disagrees with you about everything, I am compelled to say…good tweeting, sir.

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