This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on the Russia Collusion Fringe

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This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on the Russia Collusion Fringe

Here at Paste, we have written our fair share about the Russia collusion investigation. So much so that it would be impossible to link every piece in the space of two sentences, but we swear it’s true—Google us. We believe in the legitimacy of Robert Mueller’s investigation, and if it ends up taking down Trump (spoiler: it won’t), we won’t shed a single salty tear.

That said, there is a distinct lunatic fringe on this issue, and it makes us wildly uncomfortable that we share even the broadest political convictions with them. The batshit doyenne of the Russia militants has always been Louise Mensch, a former British MP and “journalist” who spends her days tweeting out the craziest, most unverifiable shit about the Russia case, complete with reckless accusations, while liberals desperate to see Trump removed from office retweet her at embarrassing volumes.

Today, Mensch officially went off the rails:

To be clear, this is absolute nonsense. If there actually is a source, the source is speaking utter bullshit, and Mensch is echoing the sentiment purely for clickbait. Essentially, her entire account is fan service for stupid liberals. Let’s see if it worked…here’s the first response from a verified account:

Kill us. Especially kill us after reading follow-up exchanges like this:

As of April, Mensch had accused more than 200 people of being Russian agents, but somehow she manages to outdo herself on what seems like a daily basis. Adam Johnson, media critic, seems to have nailed it back in March:

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