Trump Approves “Largest Ever” Set of Sanctions Against North Korea

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Trump Approves “Largest Ever” Set of Sanctions Against North Korea

On Friday, President Trump plans to announce the approval of the “largest ever” set of sanctions against his constant political sparring partner, North Korea, during a speech to attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference. The White House hopes that the decision will force North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to again reconsider his nation’s nuclear program.

According to excerpts made available to the media, the new round of sanctions will target 56 shipping companies, vessels and other entities that the White House believe have continued to conduct prohibited trade as outlined by previous U.S. sanctions against North Korea meant to cut off economic streams.

“The Treasury Department will soon be taking new action to further cut off sources of revenue and fuel that the regime uses to fund its nuclear program and sustain its military by targeting 56 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses that are assisting North Korea in evading sanctions,” read excerpts from the president’s speech.

Under Kim’s leadership, North Korea has further developed its nuclear arsenal and has become more antagonistic and threatening toward the U.S. and its Asian allies.

The president’s daughter, Ivanka, is currently in South Korea with leading a delegation of American officials at the final weekend of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

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