Leo Messi’s Mind-blowing Run

Soccer Video Leo Messi
Leo Messi’s Mind-blowing Run

We’ve been watching Lionel Messi play soccer for more than a decade. We’ve gotten so used to seeing him do impossible, superhuman things on a football pitch that any story showing off some incredible thing he did seems superfluous. It’s like living in the Arctic Circle—when you’re able to look at the Northern Lights every single night, you almost forget that this is something you’re supposed to be in awe of.

Sometimes, though. Sometimes Lionel Messi does something bonkers and you can’t not share it.

Above you’ll Messi making a ridiculous run through the blackened heart of Eibar’s midfield earlier today.

In case you can’t make it out from the angle, the last man he beat before the pass was nutmegged. So, yeah.

That play didn’t result in a goal, but Messi ended up notching two (one from a penalty) to ease Barça past Eibar.

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