The Ghost Manager of Manchester United

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You know Dominic Monaghan as Charlie from Lost or Merry from Lord of the Rings. But he’s also a Paste Soccer columnist and a lifelong Manchester United fan.

Did the board of Manchester United plan on being haunted for a season?

Did they intentionally bring in a manager to fail?

Did they hand a poisoned chalice to a man who they were willing to sacrifice?

David Moyes’ tenure at Manchester United was a failure in a variety of ways—so many high profile losses, and an awful vibe seemed to emanate from the team. But maybe this was exactly what the Manchester United board were looking for …

How do you follow the greatest British manager of all time? Certainly not with a great one. He will fail. A good one will not come up to snuff either. How do we move forward from first place? How do we look as if we are making progress?

How about a solid manager? A British one. An old fashioned back to basics manager who can make high profile mistakes and fall on the Red Devils sword for the next guy to swoop in and claim “I certainly won’t be as bad as the last one.”

Louis van Gaal may not have taken his genitals out for the Manchester United team yet (see previous history) but he has certainly shown them he has a pair.

Switching captains. High profile players marked for sale and for purchase. The class of ‘92 downsized, apart from the evergreen Giggs, and circular tables no less in the dining rooms. Cohesive communication seems to be at the top of his list alongside the dropping of egos at the expense of results for the team.

I like it. Let’s say at this point, I LOVE it. And if he makes Rooney captain and Wazza smashes in 20-plus goals for the season, hell, I’LL have a look at his genitals!

The king is dead, long live the king.

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