Fox Sports’ New Promo For The USWNT Will Get You Pumped

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Fox Sports’ New Promo For The USWNT Will Get You Pumped

I don’t know about you, but when I’m about to do a lot of fist pumping I like to do some simple warm-up exercises first. I do some stretching, rotate my wrist and my shoulder, do some torso twists, maybe work the kinks out of my lower back. For extended fist pump sessions, like the one you’re about to have in a minute, that stretching routine is definitely recommended for optimizing performance while reducing risk of injury. Go ahead and do some warm-ups. I can wait.

You good? Cool. So, here’s Fox Sports new hype video for the USWNT, ahead of the Women’s World Cup this summer.

If you’re overcome with the sudden the urge to drive to the top of Mount Rushmore in a Trans Am in order to punch an eagle while blasting some Whitesnake, that’s completely normal. (Just, like, don’t actually go punch eagles. They are our friends and it’s also very illegal.)

The Women’s World Cup kicks off in Edmonton on June 6, and the USWNT begins its campaign on June 8 against Australia in Winnipeg.

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