6 Times ‘90s Brands Were Way Ahead of Their Time

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Sometimes we yearn for the innocence of the ‘90s, when we would countdown the days until the new Delia’s catalog arrived in the mail because online shopping wasn’t yet a thing. It’s hard to believe that was two decades ago.

While technology has evolved, fashion hasn’t that much. If you were a ‘90s child, you know that a lot of “new trends” are far from new. And these six brands were far ahead of their time.

1. Delia’s

Photo via Flickr

Not only is this dress with little ladies on it adorable, the green oxfords are creepily current.

2. Claire’s Accessories

Photo via Claire’s

You stocked up on jewelry from Claire’s, but everything changed when they introduced chokers, more specifically, tattoo chokers, which celebs like Emma Roberts and Katy Perry have been rocking lately.

3. Doc Marten’s


Those clunky badass lace-up boots fell out of fashion for a bit but they’re officially making a comeback, and look great with jorts.

4. Melissa Jellies


Jellies were invented in France in the 1950s, but this Brazilian brand made them a fashion staple ‘90s. And now, every shoe company makes them, and every girl has a pair of them.

5. Todd Oldham


Where do we start? From the under-boob to the high-waisted pants to the chunky choker, Todd Oldham must have clairvoyant.

6. Warner Brother’s


Yes the WB made clothes, and if you wouldn’t wear this Looney Tunes denim jacket now, you can’t sit with us.

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