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Ever wonder how style bloggers manage to look equally put together and carefree all at the same time? Something tells us there is more to it than catching the right gust of wind or using a super secret Instagram filter. While these two tricks of the style blogger trade are sure to help achieve a perfect pic, the very core of streetstyle these days has a lot do with achieving what we like to call: casual cool.

Rooted in the classics, quite a few of our favorite style bloggers have adopted old-school looks and fashion trends but with a modern twist. Whether denim on denim or mix and matched accessories, style bloggers know how to layer up or strip down, when to experiment and when to keep it simple. To elevate your own streetstyle, read on for tips and tricks on how to up your fashion sense with a touch of style blogger know-how.

1. Lightly-Lived In Denim

2. Add One More

One not so secret style trick is to go heavy on the layers. The ability to add on the garments for visual interest while still maintaining balance takes skill and a certain amount of outfit awareness. Practice make perfect and with just one look at Courtney Halverson’s site Pretty Little Fawn, it is apparent the woman knows how to tell a story with her layers. Spring and fall are the best times to accomplish these heavily layered looks and do not forget about accessories when piling it on either. Two bags, a hat, boots and rings help to create, along with the oversized jacket and flannel, a bit of grab and go hobo chic with a western-inspired edge.

3. Take One Off

Conversely, another train of thought when it comes to streetstyle is the ever-popular saying: less is more. Instead of layering up, sometimes all an outfit needs is to lose an item. Pretty Little Fawn shows how a dressed down ensemble looks classic and clean while still as stylish as the above, layered option. A white tee is the epitome of understated cool and with a pair of statement heels to give a little oompf of drama to the look, it is nearly a toss-up as to which style is preferred.

4. Get Playful

While fashion world can get serious quite quickly over the “rules” and what not to wear, a key aspect to everyday style is to keep it fun, or, at the very least, have fun with it. Jess Keys from The Golden Girl, whose smiley demeanor is a nice change from the typical scowl and frown crowd, knows how to keep her style light and infused with a touch of whimsy. Try mixed patterns, a statement lip or a different hairstyle. No matter what, style is all about experimentation and should always, always be a little fun, no matter how serious it may become.

5. Do YouAlong with staying playful, one key though oft-overlooked piece of style advice present on all style blogs and fashionista’s minds is quite simple: to truly make a statement in the style world, a unique perspective to the dialogue is key. And for that, any look you create has to speak to you, first and foremost. So if minimal, monochromatic is your closet staple, then buy up all that grey. The Chronicles of Her creator Carmen Hamilton has an affinity for dressing down in denim on denim and then dressing up in backless maxi dresses and sequins. Either way, the real trick to personal style is to find your own and what speaks to you, even if only for that one particular day.

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