How to Rock Your Coachella Looks Year Round

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Coachella’s come and gone, and you’re out a few hundred bucks but buried in hippy-couture clothes you have no idea what to do with. Don’t shove them to the back of your closet in the hopes that those particular trends will still work at next year’s Coachella. It is possible to rock festival-dress year round, just follow this guide.

Unfortunately, there are a few Coachella looks that just won’t work anywhere else, we’re talking to you girl-with-no-pants and woman-with-the-Native-American-headdress, so don’t even bother.

1. Tiny Floral Dress

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Throw a light-colored blazer over it and you’ve got the perfect summer brunch or baby shower look.

2. Vintage Tee

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Swap the bootie jorts for a pair of jeans for a casual bar look, movie night or shopping day.

3. Crochet Anything

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Crochet’s great for the beach. Throw it on over your bathing suit and call it a day.

4. See Through Anything

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Pop a slip or tank top underneath, and no one will guess you rocked that to Coachella.

5. Flower Crown

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If the flowers are small and subtle, a flower crown makes an adorable casual spring hairpiece. If they’re big and bold, you can gather a bunch and bring them to your bestie’s bachelorette party.

6. Fanny Packs

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Fanny packs are great for traveling because you can keep all your valuables on your body and right in front of you.

7. Flash Tats

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Got leftover flash tats from the fest? Pass them out at your birthday shindig.

8. Patterned Bellbottoms

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Pair them with a plain and neutral tone top for a fun look that could pass in some offices, depending on how cool your boss is.

9. Headscarf

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We can’t promise you’ll find much use for it on your head (aside from a day at the beach) but unravel it and toss it around your neck and no one will suspect it was a Coachella-accessory.

10. Facial Jewels

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Again, bring them to a bachelorette or birthday shindig. And don’t forget to save some for New Years Eve. Or, just wear them to a club, no one will think it’s weird.

11. Fringe

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Believe it or not, fringe totally works for more formal events. If it’s a skirt with fringe, throw on a chiffon top and tuck it in for a dinner. Fringe shirts make great going-out options.

12. Bralette

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While it’s not a good idea to rock the bralette solo like you did at the fest, toss a low-cut side-boob-bearing tank over it with jorts for a subtle festival look that can be worn to a barbecue or picnic.

13. Kimono

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That’s a tough one. As long as everything underneath covers enough and is super subtle, you can pull off a kimono as a everyday item.

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