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With talk of a Broadway musical in the works, it would seem Miranda Priestly and her gaggle of glamazons are back. The 2006 guilty pleasure, The Devil Wears Prada, is not only a classic Bildungsroman but a veritable style time capsule from the complicated early aught era, where the fashion realm was reconciling grunge with teen queens and pilled sweaters with animal prints and knee high leather boots.

That being said, Runway magazine’s fashion choices hold up today. After Personal Assistant Andy Sachs commits herself, literally head over heels, to the position as lackey for head honcho, the deft and cunning Miranda, Sachs dives headfirst into the world of Chanel, Manolo Blahnik and, of course, Jimmy Choo. Understated garments with highbrow accessories leave the film feeling current and on-trend, even with a few hints of shiny metallic now and then.

Though we can only imagine what our favorite characters will don as they take the stage, one thing is for certain: the looks are sure to be fresh off the pages of Runway and steeped in current trends.

Below, we have culled a few of our favorite highlights from the film and found some suitable alternatives for those hoping to channel a bit of Andy’s go-get ‘em confidence and transformative style.

10. Serena’s Sleek Frames


Nothing says another day at the office like light, metal glasses with a slicked back hair bun. One of many cameos in the film, Gisele Bündchen as Emily’s bestie/office sidekick is the epitome of office chic. Dressed mostly in black but with a knack for punchy accessories, her combination of librarian staples appears fresh and sleek. Though glasses may be in the midst of a bigger is better moment, only time will tell if this thin-framed look will return.

In need of an office update? These sleek Dixon frames from Warby Parker should do the trick.

Photo via Warby Parker

9. Lace Shouldered Evening Wear


Like the notorious lothario Christian Thompson said, Andy looked like a vision at the Runway gala in her silk and lace evening gown. Refined and elegant, this dress still feels youthful with a touch of lace at the shoulder and a Billie Holiday flower behind one ear. Though Andy’s transformation has taken full effect by this event, her choice of dress and accessories only further solidifies her descent into the world of fashion and all it has to offer: updos and high heels for one, troublesome men for another.

Echo Andy’s understated charm in this Rebecca Taylor dress.

Photo via The Real Real

8. Dense, Color-Rich Eye Shadow


Though she comes around in the end, Andy’s office mate, Emily, could not have been tougher in the early stages, and, needless to say, Emily’s fashion forward style echoes a similar edgy attitude. Harsh yet playful, Emily is the perfect amalgam of late ‘90s grunge meets a more refined palette. No matter the outfit, there is always a pop of color. She knows the necessity of layers, high-waisted belts and architectural vests and whether dense creamy eye shadow or a backhanded compliment, Emily lays it on thick.

Find the perfect hue with M.A.C.’s X 9 Eye Shadow Palette to channel your inner clacker.

Photo via M.A.C.

7. Black Sweater Basics


A luxurious black sweater is a must for any office job. Even when Andy finds her fashion comfort place, in the halls of Chanel accessories and classic white button-downs, she manages to make an off-the-shoulder black sweater the perfect topper to any look. A basic everyone should have in their closet, take note: an unexpected collar line or an oversized shape makes all the difference between ho-hum and Runway appropriate.

This P.A.R.O.S.H. boat neck sweater has 9 to 5 versatility with a hint of sass to keep things interesting.

Photo via Farfetch

6. Olive Oil Utility


Aside from technically being a neutral, olive, whether military inspired or on the more earthier side, has the ability to play with multiple other hues and tones for the perfect spring to summer to fall look. Andy’s choice of gold accessories and a cinched waist make this dress a must for running through New York City streets on the hunt for the unattainable manuscript. Needless to say, the easy, breezy comfort of this dress may have helped her succeed in the end.

Throw a little olive into the mix with this military inspired dress from ModCloth.

Photo via ModCloth

5. Nigel’s Pattern Play


Nigel is the fairy godmother everyone dreams of when they take their first step out into the “Real World.” With his straight shooting advice and criticism, Nigel gives Andy the kick in the pants to get her act together and appreciate the job she landed. As he gives Andy fashion pointers galore and slips on her first pair of Jimmy Choos, Nigel’s style is effortless and elegant. His use of stripes and florals with that gigantic man-ring and big, ascot style ties, exudes Runway know-how and professionalism.

Though a tad more casual than Nigel may prefer, this Steven Alan Single Stitch Short Sleeve has Nigel written all over it.

Photo via Steven Alan

4. Dangly Chandelier, Bauble Earrings


While the clothes most definitely tell the story, the accessories of the The Devil Wears Prada take on a life of their own as Andy navigates Runway magazine’s highly tumultuous fashion terrain. With additions of statement earrings, particularly the chandelier and dangly persuasion, Andy achieves a “look” without going overboard fashion-wise. And with trends all the rage one day and tossed aside the next, keeping pace with a pair of earrings or piece of jewelry sheds light on Andy’s ever-present practicality. Besides, dangly earrings add much needed fun and whimsy to any office look.

These spike and chain earrings from Joomi Lim have just enough sassy attitude for the workplace and beyond, whether the destination is Paris or the neighborhood watering hold.

Photo via Joomi Lim

3. Parisian Chartreuse


Daring and bold, chartreuse is and will always be a favorite among the fashion forward. Used as an accent note á la Mademoiselle Andy while in Paris right after she confronts Miranda about the cutthroat decision to reassign Nigel’s dream job as play for her own personal gain, this small purse mirrors Andy’s growing confidence and decision to leave the fashion world behind. She is ready to be her own woman and any woman who chooses to wear chartreuse is ready to do exactly that.

Make everyone green with envy with this Betsey Johnson Chartreuse Shoulder Bag/Clutch combo.

Photo via Last Call

2. Miranda’s Ice Blue Accents


Pretty much every ensemble Miranda Priestly dons is to die for. Who can forget her evil spin on such a classic sweet-girl move when she peers over the top of her sunglasses and spits, “Oh don’t be silly, Andrea. Everyone wants this. Everyone wants to be us.” Miranda’s knack for fur and neutral snakeskin, her over the top coat collection and sky-high heels all make this modern day Cruella de Vil all the more terrifying. Still, among the fur and stacked heels, her ice blue accents are a consistent addition to this ice queen’s look. These pieces play perfectly against her blue, chilled stare and ice-cold heart.

In need of a little cool: try these spiral-dipped earrings from Tory Burch for a little tint of blue.

Photo via Tory Burch

1. The Art of a Motorcycle Jacket


After Andy abandons her position at Runway as Miranda’s Assistant, her style and look eases back into a more familiar and comfortable space where she melds a little of the fashion world with who she has always known she was: a journalist, respected writer and most of all, herself, Andy Sachs. Nothing highlights this more than her transition from all black to rich, warm brown tones and, of course, the lux leather motorcycle jacket she wears to her first interview at a local newspaper. Barefaced and having survived the ringer, Andy comes out with not only a defined sense of who she is and what she wants but a few takeaways on how to put an outfit together as well. There is always a silver lining, even when playing sidekick to the Snow Queen.

Nothing beats the comfort and utility of a chic motorcycle jacket like this quilted version from ASOS.

Photo via ASOS

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