Five Retailers for Trendy Budget-Friendly Fashion

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Five Retailers for Trendy Budget-Friendly Fashion

I love fashion, but I also enjoy being able to afford rent at the end of the month. While the occasional splurging is nice, I’d much rather purchase several outfits for $100. Finding budget retailers can keep closets full and remorse levels down.

When I say affordable, I’m using the college student and frugal shopper’s definition. The retailers featured on this list have apparel priced at $25 or less without you having to shop exclusively in the clearance section. Good quality means that the clothing looks nice for the price, and will remain fabulous after multiple washes.

1. Boohoo


Boohoo is one of fashion’s best kept secrets. It’s a UK-based company, but offers free shipping for US orders that are more than $50. The prices are low, and the quality is great. The dresses range from $16-$40, with the average price being $25, and the shoe section is pricey, but the quality rivals that found at Urban Outfitters. They use European sizes, so the sizes do run smaller, but they also offer an accurate measurement chart. I suggest you invest in a cloth tape measure to ensure you have the right measurements. Returns are not free for US-based orders, but clothing tends to be true to size and picture. They even offer a catwalk video for you to see how the fabric moves and looks.

2. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Rusee .jpg

Charlotte Russe was my favorite online retailer before I found Boohoo. Offering plenty of discount codes and coupons, and you’re allowed to stack them up like a raging Pokémon Master. There’s also a plus size selection. Their shoe selection has decent quality shoes, but some have caused horrific feet ache. The boots are in the $30-$40 range, but they often have BOGO deals, or $25 discounted prices. Their dress selection is massive with a balanced mixture of casual, clubbing and classy clothing items. Their Refuge Jean collection is also solid and fits my small waist and full thighs well. My jeans from Charlotte Russe tend to have a lifespan of three years. My only two major grievances are the lack of pockets in most of their jeans and their Refuge Hi-Waisted jeans tend to slide down the waist throughout the day. Orders of more than $50 enjoy free shipping, and they give you the option to return items to an in-store location or by mail.

3. Go Jane


Go Jane is an online retailer that has a lot of sleek, unique and sexy clothes. Some of their selection can be pricey, but they have a lot of options for under $30. For the most part, the fabric of the material tends to be good quality, but the sizing of their jeans needs some work, especially since their returns are not free. Their dresses and tops tend to stay true to size, but, unfortunately, they do not have a plus size section.



A’GACI has an array of mainstream and trendy clothing. The prices are affordable with most items not exceeding $30 in price. Returns by mail are free, but exchanges can only be made at their store locations. Their quality is nice, and I still own dresses I bought from them four years ago. Talk about a steal.

5. SheIn

Shein .jpg

SheIn may be a retailer best suited for those comfortable and experienced with online shopping. They have a lot of ridiculously cheap outfits, but the sizes do tend to run small, so it is advised to use the size chart. They have a massive collection of various styles, and the clothes are accurate to the description picture. All of the items I have ordered from SheIn has been decent to nice quality, but there are some complaints online about it. I’ve never had an issue with any orders I’ve placed, but I also don’t expect a $10 maxi dress to compete with the quality of a Neiman Marcus dress. They offer free shipping on US orders over $29.90, but you must pay for returns.

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