Apple Expected to Reveal New iPhone on Sept. 7

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According to The Verge, as well as other sources around the web, Apple has sent out invitations for its next conference, to be held on Sept. 7, and this one might cause some controversy.

To be fair, Apple’s famous product reveals have been catching headlines since the early 1980s, but this latest one might not illicit the same rabid fan frenzy the company has been accustomed to. Rumored as far back as 2014, Apple is expected announce a new iPhone that, among some other small tweaks, does not come with the standard 3.5mm port for connecting headphones. Instead, headphones will connect to the phone either via Bluetooth or with a Lightning connector that plugs into the iPhone’s charging port.

If the headphone jack rumor turns out to be true, it’ll be another bold move for the company that often characterizes itself as revolutionary. The move would mean phones could be thinner and have more internal room, but there are also bending issues that could occur, not to mention the number of obsolete accessories it would create.

Apple is also expected to announce the second generation of the struggling Apple Watch, with tweaks including GPS in the device.

You can prepare yourself for this new world by reading our pros and cons list breaking down life with a headphone jack-less iPhone. Find our roundup of the biggest iPhone 7 rumors right here.

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