10 Great Apps to Help You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Feast

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10 Great Apps to Help You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us which means plenty of cooking, eating and spending time with loved ones. While it’s great when everything comes together, there’s also a fair amount of preparation beforehand to get you there.

Here are 10 apps that will inspire you to make this Thanksgiving the best yet.

1. AnyList (Free)
anylist_680.jpgBeing organized is key to having everything run smoothly. One great way of keeping on top of stuff is by using AnyList. The app makes it simple to create grocery shopping lists, while also organizing your recipes. You can quickly add or cross off items, with autocomplete learning what you’re likely to include. Categories can be set up, along with the option to indicate quantity or if you have a coupon for it. It’s all easily shared to other family members or roommates, too.

2. Pinterest (Free)
pinterest_680.jpgLacking inspiration for a centerpiece or simply how you want your home to look over the Holiday season? Pinterest is the ideal place to go to be inspired. The social network offers a plethora of great and practical ideas for your life, and it really comes into its own when it comes to special times of year. You could even use it to collate some ideas for future holidays too.

3. Butterball Cookbook Plus (Free)
butterball_680.jpgButterball is the go to name for turkey, so it makes sense that its app is pretty great too. The app offers hundreds of turkey based recipes, along with how-to videos, conversion and substitution charts, and a cooking calculator so your turkey is cooked just right. You can filter recipes too, looking up ideas for Thanksgiving dinner, as well as the leftovers in the coming days.

4. Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetit Manual (Free)
bonappetit_680.jpgThanksgiving: A Bon Appetite Manual isn’t perfect, but it is a fairly good place for seeking out Thanksgiving focused recipes. It offers 101 different recipes, covering various different skill levels. Alongside that are tips, how-to guides, and videos to ensure your results are delicious and appealing. Just look out for a few bugs as it hasn’t been updated in a while.

5. Food.com (Free)
foodcom_680.jpgFood.com offers over 500,000 recipes thanks to its extensive online community. They might not all be Thanksgiving focused, but there are plenty of ideas here to inspire you. Alongside that is a meal-planning tool, intelligent shopping list features and options for catering for various dietary requirements. As well as that, you can import extra recipes from over 30 different recipe sites.

6. Cook (Free)
cook_680.jpgCook allows you to make your own Cookbook, filling it with ideas and great recipes. That makes it ideal for cooking for the Holidays, allowing you to collect everything up together, while adding captions and graphics to turn it into your own virtual cookbook. You can always head to the app’s Library to import new ones, too.

7. Paprika Recipe Manager ($4.99)
paprika_680.jpgWant somewhere to store all your recipes safely? And want to be able to import and automatically download recipes from hundreds of websites? Paprika Recipe Manager does exactly that, making it easy to keep everything in one place, rather than have to juggle multiple different sources. The app’s smart recipe view makes it quick to cross off ingredients you’ve used, while immediately highlighting the next step. Extensive timer features mean it’s a one stop shop for convenient options.

8. Green Kitchen ($3.99)
green_680.jpgGreen Kitchen is the perfect app for vegetarians at Thanksgiving. The app provides a wealth of recipe ideas that use the minimum of gluten, sugar, and dairy, ensuring it’s healthy yet delicious. 129 handpicked recipes are available with in-app purchases opening up more. Smart timers and Apple Watch support means you’re always in charge of how things are progressing.

9. Pepperplate (Free)
pepperplate_680.jpgPepperplate offers both professional dinner party style recipes, and ideas for weeknight dinners. While it doesn’t cater exclusively to Thanksgiving, it’ll still provide you some handy inspiration. Syncing across multiple sources, you can use the app’s recipes, as well as import new ones from your favorite sites or magazines. A shopping list feature makes the process even smoother, and you can plan out things via its meal planner feature.

10. Cookpad (Free)
cookpad_680.jpgCookpad is a great place to share and find recipes amongst other home cooks. A kind of social network, it lets you choose to see recipes published near to you, or that are trending right now. That makes it perfect for seasonal cooking, with some great ideas dispensed by other amateur chefs. You can publish your own, as well as share them privately with friends and family via a chat feature.

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