Devialet Announces Gold Phantom, A Ridiculously High-Powered Wireless Speaker

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Devialet, makers of the acclaimed Phantom wireless speaker, announced a new addition to its high-end audio lineup today. The Gold Phantom, which garners its name from the 22 kt rose gold finish that adorns the speaker’s exterior highlights, is now the most premium product the French audio company offers, packing a whopping amount of audio power into a sleek housing that will all together run you about $3,000 ($2,990 to be exact).

There are two defining audio features the Gold Phantom offers. The first is an insane amount of power. The speaker’s maximum volume is 108db SPL, which is equivalent to a live rock concert, a level the Gold Phantom is able to reach because of its 4,500 watts of power. In all, Devialet’s newest speaker is eight times more powerful than the company’s original Phantom.

The Gold Phantom also has an incredible audio range, 14Hz—27Khz, which is greater than humans are capable of hearing. The range will allow the speaker to emit truly deep basses and crystal clear highs. All of it is powered by a new core Audio Digital Hybrid (ADH) amplification.

Devialet’s new Gold Phantom not only continues the trend of wireless speakers offering true audiophile quality, but the proliferation of rose gold into all of the world’s electronics. Pre-orders start today on the company’s website, and should begin to ship mid-July.

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