Kickstarter Weekly: Turn Your Bicycle Electric with GeoOrbital Wheel and More

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Kickstarter Weekly: Turn Your Bicycle Electric with GeoOrbital Wheel and More

A new week means a new line up of cool technology based Kickstarter projects to peruse. It’s a pretty varied selection too, with one gadget set to turn your bike electric, a new and stylish kind of smartwatch, and a smart cabinet lock, amongst those gadgets vying for your pledges.

GeoOrbital Wheel
geoorbital.pngOwning a bike that can go up to 20 miles per hour for 20-50 miles sounds pretty cool, right? Imagine if you could do that with a regular bike, rather than needing to buy a whole new frame. That’s the thinking behind GeoOrbital Wheel. It replaces a standard front wheel in under 60 seconds, immediately turning it into an effective electric bike. Simply clip its thumb activated throttle onto your handlebar, and you’re set up. Such flexibility means you can easily switch between a conventional cycling experience, or this low effort, high speed option. A pledge of $699 gains you one Wheel, with the campaign running until June 15.

Legion Solar
legionsolar.pngSolar power systems are a great way to not only protect the environment, but also lower your energy bills. The initial outlay is often pretty expensive though. Legion Solar makes things far more affordable through offering a DIY setup that promises to pay for itself up to 300% faster than traditional systems. You just mount the light weight panels in appropriate places on your home’s roof, plug them into any standard wall outlet, then monitor everything through a smartphone app. It won’t even affect your roof’s integrity, thanks to a non-invasive installation process. A pledge of $99 gets you one Starter Set, with the campaign running until June 17.

henlen.gifStylish smartwatches aren’t yet as commonplace as they should be. Henlen hopes to buck that trend, offering up interchangeable bodies, alongside its effective custom OS. The stylish watch can be swapped out to look casual or smart, within seconds. The OS is just as streamlined, with a promise to be only ever 3 seconds away from the information you want. Notifications cater for messages, missed calls, and social media related activities. Alongside that is day to day information on weather forecasts and forthcoming events. A pledge of $225 gleans you one watch along with a body of your choice. The campaign ends June 5.

Nut Find 3
nutfind.jpgLosing your keys or wallet sucks and it’s all too easy to do. NutFind 3 hopes to remove such worries by being a small, attachable smart tracker that easily slots onto your precious possession. It offers a one touch find option, a left phone alert and even group sharing. As soon as you step too far away from one part of the tracker, a beeping alert gives you a heads up on your mistake. Lost your car keys? Use the NutFind smartphone app to ‘call’ it and track it down. Ok, so it might not be the coolest gadget, but it’s a real time and worry saver. A pledge of $20 gets you one of these, with the campaign ending June 4.

Raid Proof
raidproof.gifChild proofing your home’s cabinets is an important part of parenthood. It’s not always easy and it’s never fun, but at least Raid Proof gives you a way of using some cool technology to do so. It’s an RFID controlled smart locking system, that means your kids can’t get around the usual methods. Cabinets using Raid Proof can only be opened through one of three methods —a swipe card, a key chain FOB or through your smartphone. It’s simple to install, merely requiring two screws in the right place on your cabinet, and should stop your little explorers from going where they shouldn’t. A pledge of $25 gets you one cabinet lock, with a family pack of 6 available at $125. The campaign ends June 4.

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