The 5 Most Exciting Rumors About the New MacBook Pro

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The 5 Most Exciting Rumors About the New MacBook Pro

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (otherwise known as WWDC) is very nearly upon us. That means that rumors surrounding the MacBook Pro are reaching fever pitch levels—and so far, they’re more interesting than just an iterative update.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there are plenty of suggestions that the MacBook Pro could have a bunch of new changes and tweaks to make it the best upgrade yet. We’ve rounded up 5 of the most exciting rumors out there.

1. A thinner and lighter design

macbook1 (3).jpg

Lighter, and thinner is generally considered better for laptops. The current MacBook Pro is already pretty sleek, but there are reports that it’s going to get even better. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities has learnt through various sources that the new MacBook Pro will take some design cues from the 12-inch MacBook, ensuring the laptop will be even more lightweight than before. Expect to suddenly feel like your ‘old’ MacBook Pro is clunky and weighty.

2. Touch ID and an OLED touch bar


Image courtesy of Cult of Mac.

Tying into the possible methods being used to make the MacBook Pro thinner, we could see the addition of an OLED touch bar to the top of the keyboard. The rumor seems almost certain to be true with leaked images claiming to show such an addition. Why is it so cool? Well, that touch bar could be customizable. Replacing the function keys, you could be able to program each ‘button’ to do things that you’ll actually use, rather than be left with a string of function keys you might rarely use.

Alongside that are plenty of rumors that touch ID could come to the MacBook Pro, which makes perfect sense given its success for the iPhone. Why bother entering a password when your fingertip can do all the work?

3. 4G connectivity

laptop-1031224_960_720 (1).jpg

In late May, Apple filed a patent for adding cellular connectivity to one of their devices. One possible suggestion is that it’s for a fully mobile MacBook Pro. The iPad and iPhone already have this functionality, of course, and it seems unlikely that anyone would want it for their Apple TV. The patent already dismisses it being related to the Apple Watch. A laptop that offers cellular connectivity, though? Now there’s a useful idea.

It’s still only been vaguely mooted, but it’d be pretty exciting if it turned out to be true. Data contracts are much more readily available than they were a few years ago, and presumably this would tie in nicely with the iPad already offering such functionality.

4. A detachable screen

ipadprowork2 main (1).jpg

One of the most unlikely rumors, but also one of the more exciting ones out there—the prospect of the MacBook Pro offering a detachable keyboard and touch screen. It sounds outlandish, and has been in the rumor mill for a while, but you never know.

Apple could do with offering a huge change from what they’re currently offering, and this could be exactly what they need to boost sales. Being able to have that extra flexibility would be a huge boon, as well as a quirky extra for committed Apple fans.

5. Skylake makes everything better


Skyline is the name of the next generation of Intel processors. It’s been a long time coming, but the MacBook Pro switching to using Skylake architecture looks likely to be happening this refresh. Why’s that so great? It makes everything better. Besides offering huge speed improvements, it’ll also increase energy efficiency, and battery life.

The current MacBook Pros already offer good battery life, but any improvement is bound to be very welcome. Skylake also offers wireless charging, which we’d expect to see in a later iteration.

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