Hundreds of Millions of Myspace Accounts Have Been Hacked

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Russian Cyberhacker “Peace,” who also stole more than 164 million LinkedIn users’ data two weeks ago, is selling the usernames, passwords and emails of 360.2 million Myspace users for around six bitcoin, or $2,800, through darknet website The Real Deal.

Accounts created before June 11, 2013, when the old Myspace platform was in use, are at risk for being hacked. According to LeakedSource and Peace, the information released was from a past unreported breach. The information that included users’ data was posted on LeakedSource, provided by “[email protected].”
Though Myspace is not as popular as other social media, this is still one of the world’s biggest data breaches.

On May 12, almost three weeks before Myspace account information was released, another hacker accessed and released more than 65 million Tumblr user email addresses with salted and hashed passwords, which makes it harder for hackers to figure out passwords. The passwords were taken from a breach in early 2013, before Tumblr was owned by Yahoo. The information is being sold for $150 on The Real Deal, according to Motherboard.

Find out if one of your accounts have been involved in a data breach.

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