Postifier Notifies You When There’s Mail in Your Mailbox

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Some gadgets aim to revolutionize life in a world changing kind of way, while others simply want to make your day a teensy bit more convenient.

A new Kickstarter campaign from Australian based firm, Postifier, definitely falls into the latter camp. Offering a gadget by the same name, Positifer is a bluetooth device that will notify your smartphone as soon as there’s mail in your mailbox.

It’s the kind of gadget that will prove ideal for an array of different scenarios. Looking for a solution for an elderly or mobility impaired friend or relative who has problems walking to their mailbox? Suspicious that someone is stealing your mail and want to grab it before they have a chance? Or do you simply want to avoid a walk for nothing, either because the driveway is long or you’re just too idle?

Either way, Postifier has you covered.

Postifier can be paired up with any Bluetooth SMART compatible iOS or Android based smartphone, with the low energy form of Bluetooth ensuring it has a battery life of over 9 months. The average pairing range is 30 metres, covering the majority of people’s needs. It’ll even work just fine in pretty much any expected temperature, with the device proven to operate in -25C to an eye waveringly hot 85C.

The Kickstarter campaign has until March 11 to run so this is the ideal time to get in on the action. For $25 AUD (around $23 USD), you can grab one Postifier device at an early bird discount, proving to be quite an inexpensive solution to an age old problem. For those who miss out on the early bird offer, the price is $35 AUD (around $31 USD), which is still quite a low price for the sake of convenience.

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