New Children’s App “Rukkaz” Connects Content Creators to 7-to-12-Year-Olds

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New Children’s App “Rukkaz” Connects Content Creators to 7-to-12-Year-Olds

Digital marketing startup SuperAwesome has announced the release of a kid-friendly video-on-demand platform for family content creators, per Variety.

Known as Rukkaz, the platform appears to be modeled as an alternative to YouTube’s multichannel network, which received an overwhelming amount of backlash after the Advent of Elsagate in 2017—the sudden boom of disturbing children’s content that managed to circumvent the platform’s child safety algorithms.

Like YouTube and its YouTube Kids appendage, Rukkaz will not exclusively create content for its audience, but rather act as a platform for family-friendly creators to share their content directly with their under-13 audience.

The platform will also allow for creators to “safely engage with their 7-to-12-year-old fans,” which—though likely filtered through a Safe Chat language filter—sounds just a little sketchy. Per Variety, the platform is already in open development testing with roughly 100 content creators.

Other functions offered by Rukkaz include “data privacy, content algorithms with adult (human) supervision and responsible monetization through kid-safe ads and community engagement.”

It looks like Rukkaz is already a hot commodity in the tech investment universe: Variety noted the platform has acquired almost $10 million of advertising revenue from “major brands” looking to support a responsible kids video engagement service. SuperAwesome itself is also somewhat of a childrens’ content behemoth: the company claims it is the world’s largest kid-safe ad platform and boasts clients like Mattel and Cartoon Network.

A tentative release date or schedule has yet to be set, but it’s only a matter of time before this app ends up in hot FTC waters like its sweet, sweet partner in crime.

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