Amtrak’s Track Friday Sale Offers Up to 35% Off Discounts Through the Weekend

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Amtrak’s Track Friday Sale Offers Up to 35% Off Discounts Through the Weekend

Hey, how about taking a train?

You’re probably going to have to get somewhere this holiday season—and definitely by the end of April. You can always fly, or take a bus, or drive your own car—or, if you want to channel the world of your ancestors, you can hop a train, and feel that mighty iron steed surge beneath you with the power and pride of two collective centuries of human progress. And if that sounds up your rail, Amtrak’s got some good news for you: starting today, and running through Monday, Dec. 2, the annual Track Friday Sale will save you up to 35% on tickets. The deals are nationwide, and involve some of the most popular trains in the country. The available dates for some trains start on Dec. 9 and run through April 30, including the California Zephyr, the City of New Orleans, the Texas Eagle and more. And then more trains become available for booking from Jan. 6 through April 30, including Acela, the Northeast Regional, Hiawatha, Piedmont and more.

Here’s an example of some of the bargains that’ll be available. You’ll be able to get from New York to Boston for $39 on the NER, or $84 on Acela; from Los Angeles to Chicago for $119; from Memphis to New Orleans for $42; or from New York to Miami for $105.

You can find a full list of trains and their available dates, check out the deals and book your plans at the Amtrak site or through the Amtrak app.

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