15 Travel Products We’re Loving This Summer

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15 Travel Products We’re Loving This Summer

Covid restrictions have eased (for better or worse), and the summer is in full swing. People are traveling again, at a level we haven’t seen since before the pandemic. We can’t do anything about gas prices or the long lines at the airport, but these products will make travel easier and more relaxing, giving you time to focus on your destination.

A R Z É Cool Off Refreshing Focus and Cooling Blend




This rollerball from A R Z É is small enough to fit in a bag and can easily be added to your carry-on. The blend of peppermint, spearmint, tea tree, lemon, and lime smells amazing and cools you down quickly. Just roll a little on the back of your neck, temples, and wrists to experience a cooling sensation that’s perfect as you explore on a hot day.

Swiff Clothing Deodorant




Swiff clothing deodorant keeps your clothes smelling nice no matter how much you sweat. It’s a lifesaver if you’re tired of overpacking and want to wear pieces multiple times. It’s odorless, so it won’t compete with cologne or perfume, it’s easy to use, and it takes up a tiny amount of space in your bag. It’s organic, hypoallergenic, and sustainable, and it lasts through multiple washes.

Dr. Motion Compression Socks




Compression socks are essential on long flights and prevent your feet from swelling. Most of them are really tight and unattractive, but Dr. Motion makes comfortable versions in fun patterns for men or women.

Larkly SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen




Larkly Sunscreen comes in an easy to use powder formula with a built-in brush to protect skin without a lot of mess, greasy residue, or chalky finish. It’s all natural and includes antioxidants resveratrol, licorice root, and green tea in addition to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I love that it doesn’t take up space in my liquids bag and that they sell environmentally-friendly refills that allow you to use the same brush and cut down on single use plastics.

Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt




Coalatree has become one of my favorite travel brands, making innovative clothing that solves a lot of common travel issues. The Suray Sun Shirt is a fantastic addition to the line. It’s made of a fabric with zinc ions embedded directly into it to offer sun protection for the life of the product. It’s lightweight, packs into its own pocket to take up very little space in your bag, is odor resistant, and offers SPF 50+ protection. It’s also really stretchy and comfortable.

Ayla Fanny Pack




I’m so glad that fanny packs have become fashionable again. They’re awesome when visiting theme parks or anywhere you don’t want to have to carry a purse. The Ayla bag is sleek, has a removable credit card wallet, and a helpful pass-through pocket designed to hold a power pack to keep your phone charged as you take a million photos or navigate Google Maps.

Bearback Lotion Roller




The Bearback is one of those genius products that solves a common problem—it makes it easy to apply lotion or sunscreen to hard-to-reach areas. It collapses down to 9.5” but extends to 17”. You add lotion to the foam roller and roll it on like paint. They also sell back scratcher, dry brush, and massage attachments.

LectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker




I love products with multiple functions, so this compact white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker is perfect for blasting Lizzo as you get dressed in the morning or providing soothing sounds as you drift off to sleep. It has five different fan sounds, four white/pink/brown noise variations, and two ocean surf sounds. It’s tiny, measuring at around 2” in all directions and weighing around 3 ounces, so it packs easily. Don’t let the small size fool you—the audio is impressive.

Nomatic Large Compression Cube




I hate checking bags, so I love the Nomatic Large Compression Cube. It’s lightweight, durable, and has a mesh window so you can see what’s inside. It uses a zippered system that can condense your clothes by fifty percent, allowing you to pack more into your carry-on.

Atrac Magnetic Keychain Long Strap




This strap is so handy when traveling. I use it to attach my travel pillow to my suitcase, but you can also use it as a purse hook, secure your wallet to your wrist with it, or stick it to your car to keep keys close when loading bags. Pair it with their Phone Holder with Wallet to keep everything organized when going through security at the airport.

Honeydew Scrumptious Travel Pillow




The Honeydew Scrumptious Travel Pillow is the best travel pillow I’ve ever used. The ribbon design on the edges keeps it from going flat, and you can adjust the fill to your desired height. It offers amazing support for your head, neck, and shoulders, and has a cooling copper-infused fill that resists bacteria. It’s a little larger than a traditional travel pillow, but it fits easily into its carrier bag, which has a sleeve to slide over the handles of your suitcase. It’s also a great alternative to uncomfortable hotel pillows.

Attitude Leaves Bar Sandalwood Dry Body Oil




Attitude Leaves Bar Dry Body Oil absorbs quickly, moisturizes without feeling greasy, and smells lovely. It uses a blend of grapeseed, jojoba, and avocado oils to nourish skin, and I love the waterless solid form that won’t spill in your bag. The packaging is free from plastic and biodegradable, and Attitude plants a tree for every product sold.

Clean Age Citrus Essentials Kit




Clean Age makes adorable kits with sustainable travel essentials. The kit comes with their mint toothpaste tabs in a cute cardboard milk carton, a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, an unscented hand sanitizer that lasts up to six hours, and a natural deodorant with a fresh citrus scent. They’re packaged in a sunny zippered toiletry bag.

Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers Flossing Travel Toothbrush




This is a deceptively fancy travel toothbrush. It has silver-infused bristles to naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and has thinner bristles designed to get into hard-to-reach places where cavities form. It folds to fit easily in your favorite travel bag.

Noa Lux Summer Forever Travel Candle Set




Bring a little bit of luxury to even the most basic hotel room with this beautiful set of travel candles. The fragrances are sophisticated, the tin containers make them easy to pack, and the crackling wood wicks sound soothing. Noa Lux uses a coconut apricot wax blend that burns clean, and their candles are free from paraben or phthalates.

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