Where You Lead, Your Suitcase Will Follow

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Sure, we all love to travel and experience the world in a new way, but getting to those intended destinations is a hassle, especially when you’re dragging a heavy bag.

However, having to carry your carry-on may soon be a thing of the past. Tech Insider reports a group of five Lebanese teenagers is stepping things up with it comes to tracking your suitcase. They have developed a way to not only track your suitcase, but also have it follow you around the airport.

The suitcase is equipped with sensors and an infrared system, which works in coordination with a tracking anklet the user wears. If you’re a fast walker or the suitcase gets lost in the shuffle of chaos inside the airport, you’ll be able to track the suitcase with the built in GPS on the mobile app. The app also allows the user to control the suitcase’s movement.

Right now, this technology is not available in the United States, but the inventors are looking for more funding to be able to bring their invention to other parts of the world.

There are some similar efforts going on right here at home. Mashable reports the luggage company Bluesmart, has raised more than $2 million in crowdfunding through an Indiegogo campaign bring their “smart” suitcase to life. The Bluesmart suitcase can be tracked via smartphone, provides battery backup and can even tell travelers the suitcase’s weight. It is able to follow along through the power of the in-suitcase camera sensors and the Bluetooth pairing technology through a smartphone app.

Elizabeth Gerber is a freelance journalist based out of Louisville, Ky. She writes for Paste, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Insider Louisville and StyleBlueprint.

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