12 Fictional High Schools You Wish You Went To

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Yeah, yeah, we know it’s summer and that means the last thing you want to think about is going back to school. But if you had a best friend like Daria Morgendorffer or Tina Fey as your math teacher, we bet you’d be totally stoked to hear that bell ring. To prove it, here are 12 schools that you know you would look forward to going back to in the fall.

12. Degrassi High School — Degrassi
Let the judgment rain down upon this choice, but you have to admit, things would never get dull at Degrassi. It’s a lot of drama for one high schooler to take, but you’d get a thousand life lessons that would probably help you more than physics class.

11. Rushmore Academy — Rushmore
For some reason, high school seems just a little bit more bearable when it’s enmeshed in a quirky Wes Anderson film. The academy may be a little stuffy, but it’s beautiful. And damn, look at that list of extra-curriculars.

10. Bayside High School — Saved by the Bell
While nobody—nobody—would ever look good in the amount of neon and scrunchies those kids wear, you’d be under the watchful eye of lenient Mr. Belding and make friends for life (even if one them is Screech). Yes, it’s super hokey, but sometimes high school can get too serious.

9. Rydell High — Grease
The original high-school musical. The camp could get a little old, but just think about all of the school work you wouldn’t have to do because everyone would be too busy singing about drag racing and dropping out of high school to become beauticians. Easy A’s.

8. North Shore High School — Mean Girls
Sure, attending a modern-day Heathers-esque high school definitely comes with its cons, but a high school where justice actually gets served a la Regina George getting hit by a bus? Plus, Tina Fey and Tim Meadows are part of the administration — that’s so fetch.

7. Shermer High School — The Breakfast Club
We don’t get to see a lot of the actual high school in The Breakfast Club but, if the Saturday detentions are any indication, the school week has to be a blast. Each one of kids is relatable, so there’s no doubt you would find your place. Not to mention, you get a Molly Ringwald, a principal who dresses like Barry Manilow and your life would literally be a John Hughes movie.

6. John Adams High — Boy Meets World
What kid hasn’t imagined having a teacher like Mr. Feeny or a best friend like Shawn Hunter? Only those who’ve never seen Boy Meets World. The show stretched far beyond the high-school years, but those hallways are what we remember most. And if your toughest bully was Adam Scott, you probably had it pretty good.

fast times at ridgemont high pic.jpg
5. Ridgemont High — Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Ridgemont is what ‘80s high school dreams are made of, and also taught us that history class always goes down better with a slice of pizza. Isn’t that right, Spicoli?

4. Hogwarts — Harry Potter
How great would it be to use magic? For everything. Time Turners to avoid being late to class, delicious cafeteria food that just magically appears before you, and the ability to just wander the school grounds riding mythical creatures. Unfortunately, you do have Voldemort to deal with. Bummer.

3. Liberty High School — My So-Called Life
The show revolves around Angela’s life, and encapsulates the ups, downs and totally awkward, almost painful, moments of teenagerdom. Basically, it’s a pretty honest representation of high school, which may or may not be what you want, but it’s got the nitty gritty necessary to have a true high-school experience (don’t worry, it won’t be the end of the world).

2. Lawndale High — Daria
Man, what ‘90s child wouldn’t jump at the chance to be locker buddies with Daria? Attending Lawndale could make your combat-boot dreams come true if you were cool (or uncool) enough to be invited to snark through an episode of Sick Sad World after school.

1. McKinley High School — Freaks and Geeks
An institution taken off the air too soon, McKinley is the quintessential high school. You’ve got the freaks, the geeks, the cheerleaders…but regardless of who you roll with, sitting through algebra class beside James Franco wouldn’t be a bad way to spend four years.

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