Watch: Exclusive Abbott Elementary Finale Clip Sets up a Chaotic School Trip

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Watch: Exclusive Abbott Elementary Finale Clip Sets up a Chaotic School Trip

Sad news, Abbott Elementary fans: the season finale is here. In some ways it’s a good thing that ABC has let the show wrap after 13 episodes instead of stretching to the old broadcast mark of 20 or more. But the end of Abbott Season 1 (thankfully the show has already been renewed for Season 2) means it’s one less bright spot on our proverbial dial each week. And what a joy it has been!

As Amy Amatangelo wrote, Abbott Elementary is one of several recent comedies that seems to prove good network TV is back! And worth noting, it’s also free. Pretty sweet deal, really.

In the season finale, titled “Zoo Balloon” (written by Jordan Temple and directed by Randall Einhorn), the school heads off on their annual zoo field trip where “Tariq unexpectedly reveals that he has been offered a job in New York, Janine struggles with a big choice, and Barbara starts questioning her future after finding out her favorite tuatara has been retired because of old age.”

From Ava not filling out the paperwork to these Philly kids (and Melissa, naturally) booing New York City in unison, to Tariq saying “I pay taxes, I ain’t gotta eat no sandwich,” every part of this short clip is already Abbott at its best. Check it out below.

“Zoo Balloon” premieres Tuesday, April 12th on ABC. You can also watch episodes the next day on Hulu.

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