Surprisingly, Actress Sarah Paulson Won’t Star in American Horror Story: 1984

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Surprisingly, Actress Sarah Paulson Won’t Star in American Horror Story: 1984

Though there has been little news about FX’s American Horror Story: 1984 so far, it has been revealed that actress Sarah Paulson will not star in the series’ ninth season, per Variety.

The actress has starred in a significantly major role in each of the anthology series’ eight seasons. The least she has appeared in a season was the first, where she only starred in three episodes. Nonetheless, Paulson has become a household name with American Horror Story. Though it’s confirmed she won’t play a significant role in the new season, there is the chance she’ll still make a cameo.

As for the rest of the cast, the show’s creator Ryan Murphy confirmed Emma Roberts would be returning for the ninth installment. Resident cast member Evan Peters has also confirmed that he won’t be in the forthcoming season, according to Variety.

Set to return to FX on Sept. 18, American Horror Story: 1984 will tackle ’80s slasher films, according to a teaser Murphy posted to his social media.

Paulson and Murphy have worked together on numerous projects, and she currently is working with him on the Netflix series Ratched, which tells the origin story of the nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Paulson also starred in the first season of American Crime Story, which Murphy executive produced. The series led the actress to take home an Emmy for her portrayal of the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson case, Marcia Clark.

Otherwise, Paulson is working on the FX series Mrs. America, which deals with the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Film-wise, Paulson is next set to appear in the forthcoming adaptation of The Goldfinch, the animated adventure-comedy Abominable and the Lionsgate-helmed thriller Run.

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