Archer: “Pipeline Fever” (2.4)

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Archer: “Pipeline Fever” (2.4)

Imminent ecological disaster? No problem. Sterling Archer is on the case. This week’s episode of Archer sees Sterling and Lana sent to New Orleans to stop an eco-terrorist from bombing a gas pipeline; a misguided move that would actually end up destroying the ecosystem of the swamp. The good news, Sterling is back to his old ways, caring far more about taking a vacation and living out his Burt Reynolds-in-White Lightning fantasy than saving the wetlands. The better news, that’s an awesome fantasy. I mean, air boats? They’re awesome.

So off they go, Sterling ditching his traditional black turtleneck in favor of a Reynolds-inspired deep-v-neck combat suit. The plan goes awry from the beginning, as Sterling sees no problem with pulling a gun on a commercial flight. Thanks to a jumpy air marshal, several Hurricanes are spilled (1 oz white rum, 1 oz Jamaican dark rum, 1 oz Bacardi 151 rum, 3 oz orange juice, 3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice 1/2 oz grenadine syrup and crushed ice, according to an animator from the show), and ISIS’s presence in the wetlands is loudly announced to the terrorist, who happens to be sitting behind them on the plane, and also is named Gandalf.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Malory is busy attempting to cash in on federal rebates for going green. Unfortunately for all, this means that the industrial strength toilets previously handling all of Pam’s “business” were traded out for low-flow water savers. Needless to say, the green reform didn’t last long.

Back in the swamps, Sterling is all set up. Beer in hand, kabobs on the grill. Lana is less-than-thrilled at this though, especially after his antics destroyed the air boat and subsequently got them nearly killed by an alligator, which, incidentally, is Sterling’s greatest fear. Lucky for everyone, Gandalf decides upon arrival that he no longer wants to destroy the pipeline, and instead picks up Lana in a bit of smooth talking eco-minded suaveness, leaving Sterling stranded with the gators.

While it was extremely enjoyable to see Sterling back to his standard shenanigans—that is, being a terrible, yet surprisingly effective field agent—the minimal presence in the ISIS office made this episode fall a bit behind for the season. On the other hand, Sterling and Lana’s interactions in the swamp nearly make up for it. That, and learning Sterling’s three greatest fears: alligators, crocodiles, and brain aneurysms, in that order. You would think that some of his previous encounters would be higher on that list, namely those involving his mother and/or Pam’s sex life, but the fear of a brain aneurysm is understandable. It could happen anywhere, and that’s terrifying.

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