Heather Has Her Moment in This Exclusive Clip from Tonight’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Heather Has Her Moment in This Exclusive Clip from Tonight’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Heather’s graduating from college! Exciting… right?

Rebecca Bunch’s roommate and friend, played to deadpan perfection by Vella Lovell, should be celebrating the completion of her secondary education, but in this exclusive clip from tonight’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she’s not exactly enthused. “Oh, God,” she sighs as the piano starts in on “The Moment Is Me.” “Do I have to sing an inspirational musical theatre song right now? I just can’t.”

Though Heather’s backup dancers (a pair of smiling classmates) give it their all—and then some—her constant interjections (“Whaaat?” “Ugghhhh!”) and rolling eyes keep things even-keeled. She’s never been one to let her emotions get the best of her, after all—only a person of saintly calm could live with Rebecca in her “woman scorned” phase. We even meet Heather’s older self, a woman no more prone to delivering a musical number than the Heather we know and love.

Still, a solo performance from the coolest customer in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend universe? It might be “a living nightmare” for her, but not for us.

Here’s the network’s synopsis of “Josh Is a Liar,” written by Michael Hitchcock and directed by Stuart McDonald:

THE PLOT THICKENS — After encountering a major setback in her plan to get even with Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), a panicked Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) starts a smear campaign to discredit Josh before he can turn everyone against her. Donna Lynne Champlin, Pete Gardner, Vella Lovell, David Hull, Scott Michael Foster and Gabrielle Ruiz also star.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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