The Doctor Who Season Nine Soundtrack Is Finally Arriving in 2018

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The Doctor Who Season Nine Soundtrack Is Finally Arriving in 2018

For reasons not entirely known, it has taken as long as the Doctor’s lifespan for the release of the soundtrack of Doctor Who season nine. More than two years after the season (sorry, “series,” for you U.K. readers) wrapped up, Whovians have had nothing to listen to besides low-quality rips on YouTube—but Silva Screen Records confirmed today that the Murray Gold soundtrack will finally grace our ears sometime in early 2018:

The long-awaited release will be a 4 disc set with disc 1 containing cues from The Magician’s Apprentice, The Witch’s Familiar, Under The Lake, Before The Flood, The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived; and disc 2 containing cues from The Zygon Invasion, The Zygon Inversion, Sleep No More, Face The Raven and Hell Bent.

Disc 3 will contain the score from the Series standout episode – Heaven Sent

Disc 4 will contain the score to the 2015 Christmas Special – The Husbands Of River Song

As with the Series 8 release, the first run of CDs will contain an additional booklet collecting Stuart Manning’s retro poster designs for each episode.

“Long-awaited” is a massive understatement. Whovians are mostly excited for the release of music from the exceptional episode “Heaven Sent” (we gave it a perfect 10.0 score)—the episode, which had star Peter Capaldi in an exceptional solo performance, as well as a score with a classical music vibe. The fact that this episode will have its own disc of music will no doubt make up for lost time for many fans.

Still, Silva Screen adds at literally the very bottom of their announcement, “the actual release date will be scheduled soon.” We hope we don’t have to jump into a big blue box and travel to the future just to listen to this soundtrack.

Capaldi will make his exit from the show in the 2017 Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time,” which recently got a new trailer. Capaldi will then make way for Jodie Whittaker and her colorful costume in 2018.

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