Donald Glover Teases Atlanta with Six Quick-Hitting New Trailers

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Donald Glover Teases Atlanta with Six Quick-Hitting New Trailers

Donald Glover, the talented actor, director, rapper and producer behind the acclaimed 2013 album Because the Internet, who’s also appeared in 30 Rock, Community, The Martian and much more, is giving fans a new sneak peek into his much-anticipated show Atlanta, set to kick off on FX on Sept. 6. The show, which takes place in the southern metropolis that both Glover and Paste call home, follows two cousins trying to make it in the city’s cutthroat hip-hop community, with one finding more success than the other.

Glover is serving as a writer, executive producer, and star of the show, portraying Earnest “Earn” Marks, a struggling Atlanta rapper overshadowed by his cousin Alfred Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) who has unexpectedly stumbled into fame in Atlanta’s hip-hop scene. The teasers don’t reveal much by way of plotline, but show in a quick series of shots Earn’s gang of friends, his home life and brief but revealing snippets of dialogue.

There’s a lot in store for both Glover and his stage moniker Childish Gambino in 2016. On top of the premiere of his show, Glover has developed an app, mysteriously titled “PHAROS Earth,” through which the multi-talented artist has teased his new album and announced a series of concert dates in Joshua Tree for later this month. Check out the teasers for Atlanta above and below, and download the “PHAROS Earth” app here.

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