HBO Go Goes Bye Bye as HBO Max Becomes Even More Confusing

HBO Go Goes Bye Bye as HBO Max Becomes Even More Confusing

One of the most confusing things about the already fraught launch of HBO Max was how HBO Max would integrate with other HBO apps. At the time, there was HBO (cable subscription) plus HBO Go (the app to go with your cable subscription or add-on to another service) and HBO Now (a standalone subscription app). In addition to other issues (including the lack of availability on Roku or Amazon Fire TVs), HBO Max’s launch also failed to explain how to access their new product if consumers already had one of these other subscriptions or apps.

As reported today by THR’s Natalie Jarvey, WarnerMedia (HBO’s parent company) has heard our cries about the confusion and decided to make things … more confusing:

Or as Paste contributor Jacob Oller translated:

Of course, let’s not forget the problem that HBO Max’s app is still not available on Roku and Fire TV which means that access could become even more limited:

Or to paraphrase HBO’s own famous slogan:

Perhaps the only way to make it clear now is to brand it as such:

(HBO) Now I need to (HBO) go lie down.

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