Jeremy Renner Admits He Mistook Mark Hamill for ‘Homeless Guy’ on Tonight Show

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Jeremy Renner Admits He Mistook Mark Hamill for ‘Homeless Guy’ on Tonight Show

If you can believe it, the past couple of weeks has seen the promotion for the soon to be released Captain America: Civil War film drastically amped up as the cast and creators travel from major city to major city, appearing at various world premieres.

The fan hype and critical acclaim swirling around the latest installment in Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe has not surprisingly drawn in some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. That includes Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, who came out to support the last Captain America franchise film at its London premiere.

You’d assume that with Hamill’s notoriety in the pop culture geek world that just about anyone would be able to recognize him. Well, anyone but Marvel star and Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner, who apparently mistook Hamill for a “homeless guy.”

Renner recounted the brief and slightly awkward case of mistaken identity on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, before professing a life-long love for Luke Skywalker. Our favorite part about Renner’s geek out? Him (hilariously) admitting that at one point in his life he had Hamill’s face on his underwear. Looks a bit different in its bearded state these days, eh Jeremy?

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