Man Seeking Woman: “Lizard”

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Man Seeking Woman: “Lizard”

What happens when you get out of a long term relationship and are thrust back into the world of dating? Well, obviously lots of craziness. Man Seeking Woman takes us on this journey with Josh (played by the very funny Jay Baruchel) who has just broken up with his girlfriend, and finds himself lost in the world of dating. We see his love-life play out through his imagination, and his imagination is a kooky place.

?A few highlights from this first episode: he goes on a date with an actual troll, meets Adolf Hitler, and speaks to the President.

The show has an interesting way of storytelling, in that it takes us through Josh’s imagination and they never show us the reality. If the saying “perception is reality” is true, the lead character lives in an incredibly strange world.

Check out the video recap below to find out more about the show.

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