Jameela Jamil Joins Disney+’s She-Hulk MCU Series

Jameela Jamil Joins Disney+’s She-Hulk MCU Series

Disney Plus’ She-Hulk series has added another major name to its already impressive cast, locking in The Good Place star Jameela Jamil as a character that will likely be one of the series’ primary antagonists. Jamil joins an impressive cast that already includes Renée Elise Goldsberry, Ginger Gonzaga, Tim Roth, a returning Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, and Tatiana Maslany as the titular She-Hulk.

Maslany, the star of Orphan Black, is playing high-powered lawyer Jennifer Walters, a cousin of Bruce Banner who in the comics inherits Bruce’s Hulk abilities after receiving a blood transfusion from him—wonder if they’ll keep that particular origin story, or give it a more modern twist. Classically, the comic book She-Hulk differentiated herself from the Banner Hulk by the fact that she retained her intelligence and personality while transformed, being a more focused combatant rather than an out-of-control rager. Jamil, meanwhile, is reportedly playing Marvel villain Titania, a longtime rival of She-Hulk’s since the 1980s who possesses a similar level of super-strength and indestructibility.

Jamil is of course best known to U.S. audiences as stuck-up socialite Tahani Al-Jamil on the beloved NBC comedy The Good Place, and she now appears on both TBS game show The Misery Index and HBO Max competition show Legendary. She-Hulk will represent Jamil’s next big chance to showcase her charm on a narrative series with the potential to be viewed by millions.

She-Hulk is directed and executive produced by Kat Coiro, and written by Jessica Gao. It joins quite a slate of upcoming MCU content on Disney+ that followed in the wake of WandaVision, including Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the just-premiered Loki. Upcoming MCU projects include Secret Invasion, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and Hawkeye.

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