Netflix Drops Stunning Teaser for Arcane’s Second and Final Season

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Netflix Drops Stunning Teaser for Arcane’s Second and Final Season

If you’re like me, the first thought you had when you read that headline was: “Final? It feels like we just got this show and it’s already ending?” But alas, Netflix is billing the Emmy award-winning Arcane‘s upcoming second season as its last. However, even if this is the last time we step into this beautifully animated world, the trailer promises so much to look forward to.

In the aftermath of that diabolical cliffhanger that has kept us on the edge of our seats since 2021, Caitlyn (Katie Leung) declares the entire council dead, and prepares to wage war against Jinx (Ella Purnell), Silco’s followers, and all of the underground city of Zaun. With Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) at her side, Caitlyn and the enforcers will stop at nothing to put an end to the Shimmer epidemic, to destroy Silco’s legacy, and to end Jinx and her hijinks once and for all.

But even though Arcane may be coming to an end, creator Christian Linke did tease that this first series is only the beginning of Netflix’s adaptations of videogame League of Legends, and promises more stories on the horizon in this vast world: “Arcane is just the beginning of our larger storytelling journey and partnership with the wonderful animation studio that is Fortiche. From the very beginning, since we started working on this project, we had a very specific ending in mind, which means the story of Arcane wraps up with this second season. But Arcane is just the first of many stories that we want to tell in Runeterra.”

Check out the trailer below; Arcane returns for its final season this November on Netflix.

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