Netflix Releases Trailer for Season Two of 13 Reasons Why

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Netflix Releases Trailer for Season Two of 13 Reasons Why

Netflx released the second season of its hyper-bingeable series 13 Reasons Why early Friday morning, as well as a new trailer.

The first season of the series, which was based on the novel of the same name and executive produced in part by Selena Gomez, followed the audio diary of high school student Hannah Baker, who, through a series of tapes, explains the 13 reasons why she ended her life. Each tape details how one of Hannah’s classmates was involved in her suicide.

Polaroid photographs are featured prominently in the new trailer, appearing to be the new thread back to Hannah’s thought process. As Hannah (played by Katherine Langford) is featured in the trailer, her narrative role is not yet concluded. “I just keep thinking: Did I miss something huge?” main character Clay Jenson (played by Dylan Minnette) asks, further indicating that the mysteries around Hannah’s death are far from solved.

The show’s graphic depictions of rape and suicide have made it divisive. Some argue that 13 Reasons Why opens the door to difficult and important conversations about mental health. Others, including medical professionals and celebrities (and even musicians featured on the show’s soundtrack) argue that the series glamorizes suicide in ways that are potentially dangerous.

In a format change, Netflix announced that trigger warnings read by the stars of the show will precede episodes, warning viewers of potentially triggering subjects featured in the episodes. The clips will also connect viewers with resources if they are seeking help. Additionally, episodes will be followed by a short segment titled Beyond the Reasons, in which the cast, producers and educators discuss how to deal with issues pertaining to the show, including depression, bullying and sexual assault.

Watch the latest trailer for season two of 13 Reasons Why below. The series’ latest installment is now streaming on Netflix.

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