Outlander Goes Full Cast Away in the Crowd-Pleasing “Uncharted”

(Episode 3.11)

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Am I watching Outlander or Cast Away 2?

We last saw Claire jump out of the boat into the rushing water with a small bag of stuff and a homemade raft. The episode opens with her floating to shore.

If I were Claire, I would never get back on a boat again… but she does find land.

Of course, she doesn’t have any water or food—only the clothes on her back.

And for the first 15 minutes of the episode we watch her struggle for days, searching the island looking for help, or water, or a town. Anything.

And while it’s only 15 minutes, it feels like the full three days, which is why people love this series. It makes you feel what is happening.

Eventually, she winds up face to face with a priest.

Well, kind of a priest. She wakes up tied to a bed but alive and she gets water and food but the older woman helping her seems very hostile.

The priest seems like a Willy Wonka type character in the jungle. He does tell her where she is and how to get to Jamaica, but first he introduces her to his coconut

Did the people who wrote Cast Away read this book before they made their movie?

Father Fogden likes Claire because he thinks she is good luck.

Why wouldn’t he? His goat had a baby!

Claire knows it’s a weird place and she wants to leave, but Father Fogden wants her to stay so she can keep bringing all the luck to them.

Mamacita wants her gone as much as she wants to leave. She washes and mends Claire’s clothes so she can see herself out.

She then does what she has to do… she talks to the coconut to try to convince Father Fogden to help her escape.

But just as she does, Mamacita brings a skinned goat’s head to them.

Yeah, I had to look through my fingers for this one. Gross, and then they put scavenger beetles on its head.

This is a custom I don’t want any part of.

As Mamacita tells the story, she blames “a Chinaman,” and Claire knows that can only be one person—she runs to the beach after Mamacita points the way.

Jamie and his crew were on the shore fixing the mast for their ship, but they’re already on the boat when Claire gets there.

Thankfully, she’s stolen a mirror from Father Fogden and signals the ship. Jamie asks for a spyglass and heads for shore.

There are still problems, of course: Jamie is wanted, but he’s determined to find Ian no matter what, and Claire has a cut in her arm that needs stitches. But “Uncharted” gives us the rare happy ending to an episode.

Marsali and Fergus have a beach wedding—and it didn’t even cost that much money!

The scene is beautiful and I’m sure it made lovers of the book happy. Father Fogden asks for their names and asks Marsali if she’s sure she wants to marry a guy without a hand. Then he asks if his man parts are still attached.

The most heartwarming scene is when Fergus is asked his name and has nothing to say for a surname. Jamie speaks up and gifts him a name: Fergus Claudel Fraser.

It’s an adoption and a wedding!

Jamie and Claire have a romantic reunion on the ship and everything feels good.

There’s some foreshadowing about a place where people disappear. Mamacita is some kind of wise woman, and she mentions the same place the crazy lady in Scotland mentioned. Now Claire knows it’s in Jamaica.

Maybe Claire and Jamie should just stay put, but on second thought, no: I want the show to go on.

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